Monday, September 10, 2007

Kitty In The Oven

Sorry, everyone. Sophie kind of took over. She does that. She just waltzes in and expects everyone to pay attention to her. Like she thinks she's cute or something. WhatEVER. Those fluffy cats do that every time. Like they're royalty or something.

I have a friend who is NOTHING like that at all. She's really cute. I love her so much. She has really short black and white fur. And pretty green eyes. And she doesn't say much, except she always seems to try to talk right WHEN I'M TALKING!! Do you know anyone like that? Geez.

Anyway, she's always right where I left here, right here in the oven:

Isn't she cute? You see what I mean? I love her. I come to visit her a lot. I sit, and we talk. Sometimes I hear the mamas laughing but I don't know why. What's wrong with my friend? She's just a little kitty. Just like me. I bet she's hungry, too.

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