Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today there was something very scary that happened. It was so scary, we were all really really scared, that's how scary it was. We were so scared that we all had to hide.

Mama said it was a 'plumber'. What is that? It's a man who makes a lot of noise, that's what!

The mamas could not find Cleo, because she is a really good hider. Finally one mama found her. She was hiding with the shoes. Mama called her "E.T." but I don't know what an eetee is?

I found a really, really good spot, right next to the other mama who was in bed. This was the best spot because nobody could find me. Except that they did. But it was the mamas so it was okay.

I had to be really, really sure it was safe before I came out again.

It was. No more plumber. I had to get out of bed right away and go make sure that everything was okay in the house.

Katie said, "ho hum." That's what she said as soon as she came out from under the covers on the other side of mama, anyway.

It was so exciting, and now the one mama isn't saying bad words about the water under the sink anymore. Do you think now she will remember to feed me?

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RawDietitian said...

LOL! I've been reading the family blogs...Daphne, Terri and Tiger Lily and thoroughly enjoying myself. I'm sitting here in Riverside, CA, on this gorgeous gloomy day, dealing with my own flu or cold bug...

Thanks for the entertainment!