Monday, September 10, 2007

Kitty In The Oven

Sorry, everyone. Sophie kind of took over. She does that. She just waltzes in and expects everyone to pay attention to her. Like she thinks she's cute or something. WhatEVER. Those fluffy cats do that every time. Like they're royalty or something.

I have a friend who is NOTHING like that at all. She's really cute. I love her so much. She has really short black and white fur. And pretty green eyes. And she doesn't say much, except she always seems to try to talk right WHEN I'M TALKING!! Do you know anyone like that? Geez.

Anyway, she's always right where I left here, right here in the oven:

Isn't she cute? You see what I mean? I love her. I come to visit her a lot. I sit, and we talk. Sometimes I hear the mamas laughing but I don't know why. What's wrong with my friend? She's just a little kitty. Just like me. I bet she's hungry, too.

Foreign Correspondents

Hello, Internets! It's Sophie, Tiger Lily's... um... cousin?

Anyway. These family tree things confuse me. I don't care. I'm too busy being incredibly adorable. I'm also flexible. Look, I can almost touch my toe!

Whew. It's a lot of work being a cat over here at the coast. Besides. There's a lot of shady characters around here. My neighbors are definitely suspicious.

That's all they do, all day long. Sit there on top of that car and stare. What are you staring at, crazy neighbor kittens?? What??

Monday, September 3, 2007

Laundry Day

What? Oh. I was sleeping. You see, it's laundry day here.

It's my job to test the temperature of the laundry when it comes up from the dryer. Here's how it works. The mama brings it up, and dumps it out on the sofa. I come running from wherever I am and leap into the laundry, immediately testing the temperature with my paws. Sometimes (usually) I have to snuggle down into it, you know, just to really get a sense of how warm it is.

This batch is juuuuust right. Now, what was I doing? Oh right. Back to it!